Base of the Torres

This is a long, difficult hike. It can be thought of in thirds with the first third mildly uphill, a flat second third, and one vertical haul at the end. The reward is a stunning lagoon at the base of the three massive granite spires. Not a bad lunchtime view! You spend much of your time in the park seeing these beasts from every angle so getting as close as you can is effort well spent. Read the full Patagonia Guide Here

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Grey Glacier

This is also a long hike but much less intense compared to the Base of the Torres as the elevation gain isn’t nearly as steep. You’ll be met with soaring views of the glacier in the distance which make for an otherworldly backdrop.

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Anonikek hike

This is a very easy ~ 3 mile hike sometimes called porteria-porteria trail which runs along relatively flat terrain. The trail is an easy undulating path that connects the two eastern entrance gates of Torres del Paine and according to regulations can only be hiked with a Certified Guide. We saw one puma at a distance but numerous guanacos up close…some within feet! as well as condors and some cave paintings.

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