There aren’t a ton of sites to visit in Churchill. The town is only a mile! However, here are what we consider can’t miss sites. The map below shows some of the amazing places we visited.  There are a few attractions like Miss Piggy and the Churchill River Weir Monument that are must see and not on Google maps.

Lazy Bear Cafe – a newer establishment with excellent food albeit a bit more expensive but it has the ambiance of a cozy log cabin.

The Lazy bear cafe churchill ma

Tundra Inn Restaurant and Pub – This a great pub style restaurant in the middle of town. This place has great food and a good beer selection.  Also they have the only “nightlife” in Churchill. When we visited on Halloween, there was music and everyone was in costume.

Tamarack Car Rental – This is the rental agency (and the only car rental agency we know exists) we used. The town is small and easy to navigate and you can search all of the daylight hours for bears. We also drove to an amazing spot outside of town. Here is a link to the directions for a car rental in Churchill Manitoba.  It’s about a 15 min drive and is worth it to see the rugged Canadian wilderness.  There is a tower you can climb that gives you expansive views.

Car rental churchill Manitoba Canada

Miss Piggy – An abandoned plane wreck that overlooks the Hudson.

how to see polar bears

Polar Bear Jail – You can’t actually go in the jail but can view the mural on the building. This is a program where a bear that becomes too familiar with the town is placed in a temporary hold before being sedated and flown farther away from the town to discourage repeated strolls near people.

which towns can i see polar bears

Churchill Station – This is where the rail car comes back into now that it’s running again.  While you’re at the Station, Parks Canada’s Interpretive Center has exhibits on the human and natural history of the area.

see polar bears canada

Post Office – You can also make a quick stop in the local post office to get your passport stamped!

Guide to seeing polar bear

Gypsy’s – this is an iconic bakery in the area with reasonably priced food (and giant polar bear donuts!)
Update: Gypsy’s succumbed to a devastating fire in 2018. I’m glad that we were able to experience it’s charm and amazing donuts.  Hopefully they will rebuild as it was such an iconic landmark!

Gypsys churhill mb

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