Must Pack Travel Essentials

Below is our list of vital travel essentials. This is not the typical list of head pillows, notebooks, and headphones. These are nontraditional items which you may not think to pack. However, they have been key on our adventures. We will continue adding to this list as we discover new packing essentials.

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Be Prepared For Adventure

World Power Converter 3 Port Strip + 4 USB

This is the king of powering your devices while traveling.  This power strip comes with every adapter you will need for every country. The other key feature of this unit is the power strip function.This comes in very handy while you are in the airport and every plug is taken. I have this in my carry on. Just ask someone if you can share their outlet, and everyone gets “charged”.  The other benefit is using this in a hotel room that has few plugs and you and your wife need to charge everything at once. This might be a little bigger than other units, but it’s worth the space!

These straps will come in more handy than you think.  The straps can be used for hiking, airport traveling, organizing items and much more. If you are out hiking they can be used to strap a coat to your pack as the weather warms up. You can also use them while camping to cinch down sleeping bags or a tent. I always carry 2 while traveling!

This might seem like an odd item to pack, but you use this often if it’s packed.  This white tape is great for fixing loose items, organizing cords, and even labeling items (using a sharpie). I have handed pieces of tape out to other travelers that needed it! White electrical tape is a must have for your next adventure.

If you do not carry a multi tool in your checked luggage you are not ready to travel.  There have been more times I can count, when I have needed a knife, pliers, or a screwdriver. The other surprising part is how many people we have met while traveling who needed to borrow my multi-tool, because they did not have one.The Gerber is tough, reliable, and easy to handle for just about every situation. This is a must have essential travel packing item for any adventure traveler.

Solar Battery Power Bank

It might come as a surprise but not everywhere has an outlet to charge your devices.  There are still many planes that do not have outlets or USB ports.  You need to make sure that your phone has power when you land so you can call the hotel, your ride, or look up important information.  This battery bank also has the added benefit of a solar panel.  While it won’t charge quickly, it will give you enough juice if your phone and battery bank are dead in an emergency.

Wired Headphones From JBL

I know we all have a favorite pair of headphones, but most of them are wireless.  These do not work on the plane with their in flight entertainment.  That is one reason to have a back up pair of wired headphones. The other reason is to have a backup in case your wireless headphones die or you lose one. These are lightweight, inexpensive, and compact.

Car Power Inverter with 4 USB Ports Charger

If you are like like us and rent a lot of cars on your vacations a car charger inverter is a must. When we visited Iceland there were some days we would be in the car for 8 hours on and off, while making stops. This inverter will make sure your laptops, camera batteries, and GPS are charged and ready. The best part is that 12V DC in a car is the same in every country, so this is universal worldwide.  We also get a lot of use out of this on local road trips as well. You will be surprised how handy this inverter will become.

Nalgene Water Bottle + Splashguard

Having a water bottle is always a great idea.  We enjoy using Nalgene bottle because they are lightweight, durable, and easy to clean.  Most US airports have fill stations, which won’t only save you money, but will reduce plastic waste. Just make sure you empty your Nalgene before walking through TSA. A water bottle is also great for hikes, in the car, mixing crystal light and much more.  We usually buy some large jugs of water if we are renting a car and just keep filling our Nalgene bottle.