Back to Hornsund - Cruise Day 4

Day 4 brought our first rain of the trip. We circled back to the Hornsund Sound and had a morning hike along the moraine. The remnants of a trapper cabin were at our landing site where they used to harvest whales. The views were somewhat limited due to the fog. However, we were able to get a bit of elevation and do a little fun hiking in the snow for a distance of about 2 miles. Not much wildlife on this particular outing. We did spy one lonesome reindeer though. 

Beluga Whales

In the afternoon, we continued along the Hornsund Sound passing by several glaciers with fog partially obscuring the view. One tiny rainbow peeked through! The afternoon was a zodiac cruise in the chilly rainy sound. We were incredibly lucky as within the first 10 minutes of our ride, we encountered a pod of beluga whales. AMAZING.

Photography was challenging due to the rain, but I did manage to capture one whale tail. The remainder of the ride had views of an incredibly large glacier and some brave guillemots that came very close to the zodiac. 

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