Past 80 Degrees North - Cruise Day 5

On Day 5 we cruised north to the west of Spitsbergen through some mildly rough seas and gusty winds. The pack ice was far south and prevented any true exploration of the northern coast of Spitsbergen. However, we did travel north until we crossed 80 degrees and advanced to the edge of the ice. It was serene gliding along the sheer beauty of the ice floes. We were more protected once close to the northern coast of Spitsbergen and the weather lifted enough to take out the zodiacs and improved visibility helped for photos. 

Bearded Seal and a Champagne Toast on the Zodiac!

We stopped near a resting bearded seal seemingly nonplussed by our arrival. We were able to take out the zodiacs and get closer to him for a few photos. Swan Hellenic also crazily had a champagne zodiac that we tied up to for a brief champagne toast on the seas!

Arctic Polar Plunge

Finally, our adventure day concluded with an Arctic polar plunge where we donned a harness and jumped from the ship for an icy plunge before quickly scrambling back up the ladder for a towel, robe and shot of liquor to warm the toes. A pretty perfect Arctic day!