Puffins and Svalbard Reindeer - Cruise Day 6

Day 6 brought the driving snow. It was a difficult day for exploration in the Arctic. We cruised overnight to Kongsfjorden  and spent the remainder of the trip in the tiny fjords of Isfjorden not far from Longyearbyen. We took a 2 mile hike in the morning to an old marble quarry on Ny London. The remnants of the quarry were remarkably well preserved.  We encountered a few young Svalbard reindeer who weren’t terribly skittish until we were quite close. We were hopeful for arctic fox as we did spy a few tracks but visibility in the snow was simply too difficult. 

Surprise Puffins!

In the afternoon, we attempted to go to Lilliehookbreen to see a massive glacier, but despite our efforts, visibility prevented any chance of seeing it. Plan B was heading back to the more sheltered Kongsfjorden out of the gusts and into more protected seas. We did manage to get out on a zodiac tour. Within minutes, we spied a puffin who was soon joined by a puffin mate so 2 puffins right in front of the zodiac! Those who have read my other posts, know I adore those stocky little birds! We then cruised over to a glacier for a closer look and spotted some arctic terns along the way along with beautiful light blue ice. A success despite the weather!

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