Arctic Summer Weather

A Final Day of Excursions aboard SH Diana – Cruise Day 8 Day 8 was our final excursion day aboard the ship. Weather was a bit uncooperative on this day

The King of the Arctic!

A VERY Curious Walrus and….a Polar Bear! – Cruise Day 7 In the morning of Day 7, our ship cruised by Barentsburg, a Russian settlement that is still operational with

Bearded Seal in Svalbard

Arctic Polar Plunging

Past 80 Degrees North – Cruise Day 5 On Day 5 we cruised north to the west of Spitsbergen through some mildly rough seas and gusty winds. The pack ice

beluga whale tail svalbard

Beluga Whale Tails

Back to Hornsund – Cruise Day 4 Day 4 brought our first rain of the trip. We circled back to the Hornsund Sound and had a morning hike along the

To the Edge of Edgeoya

To Eastern Svalbard – Cruise Day 3 On cruise day 3, we continued south to Russebukta located on the southwest coast of Edgeoya. This area is a boggy tundra where

glacier svalbard


Hello Svalbard Reindeer of Hornsund – Cruise Day 2 Our first full day of excursions! Most cruise days consisted of a morning and afternoon excursion with, of course, limited predictability

Touchdown Longyearbyen

Boarding the SH Diana – Cruise Day 1 Our 3 hour charter flight to Longyearbyen from Oslo departed at 7 am. Upon arrival to Longyearbyen, we were escorted to the

A brief 3 hours in Oslo

Oslo in a Flash Oslo is a clean, stylish city with amazing modernity. We arrived from Boston via London around 5 pm which didn’t leave a lot of time for


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