How to Spend NYE in Reykjavik

Why Go to Reykjavik for New Year’s Eve? Firework Frenzy! Reykjavik is an internationally known New Year’s Eve destination and tourists flock there each year to see the massive firework

Arctic Summer Weather

A Final Day of Excursions aboard SH Diana – Cruise Day 8 Day 8 was our final excursion day aboard the ship. Weather was a bit uncooperative on this day

The King of the Arctic!

A VERY Curious Walrus and….a Polar Bear! – Cruise Day 7 In the morning of Day 7, our ship cruised by Barentsburg, a Russian settlement that is still operational with

Bearded Seal in Svalbard

Arctic Polar Plunging

Past 80 Degrees North – Cruise Day 5 On Day 5 we cruised north to the west of Spitsbergen through some mildly rough seas and gusty winds. The pack ice

beluga whale tail svalbard

Beluga Whale Tails

Back to Hornsund – Cruise Day 4 Day 4 brought our first rain of the trip. We circled back to the Hornsund Sound and had a morning hike along the

To the Edge of Edgeoya

To Eastern Svalbard – Cruise Day 3 On cruise day 3, we continued south to Russebukta located on the southwest coast of Edgeoya. This area is a boggy tundra where

glacier svalbard


Hello Svalbard Reindeer of Hornsund – Cruise Day 2 Our first full day of excursions! Most cruise days consisted of a morning and afternoon excursion with, of course, limited predictability


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